60 Year Old Ustaad Abdul Waheed Becomes Mr. Pakistan

60 Year Old Ustaad Abdul Waheed Becomes Mr. Pakistan, Wins Body-Building Championship.

“Good health is a gift from God. With Him showering His blessings on me, and with me down here not taking anything for granted and working hard to stay fit, even at 60, I don’t see why I won’t be able to keep winning in bodybuilding competitions even when I am 100 years old,” laughs Ustad Abdul Waheed.

At 60 years of age, he sports a chiseled body any young bodybuilder would die for.

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Just before Ramazan, Ustad Abdul Waheed won the Mr Pakistan title. A few months earlier, he had won the Mr Punjab title as well. He has won a slew of other medals, mostly gold and a few silvers, along with titles such as Mr Lahore.

He has his eye on the Mr Asia title now. “I believe the competition is circled in for winter, in Bangalore, India, if my information is correct,” he says. “I want to make a name for my country,” he adds.

Growing up in Batapur along the Bambawali-Ravi-Bedian (BRB) Canal, where he still resides, the young Abdul Waheed was drawn to bodybuilding as a hobby at first.

“I started building up my body at 16,” he says. “But at the time, I had no interest in taking part in competitions. I only liked to go to the gym and lift weights. The competitions came later, when my students got after me to enter myself. That was 20 years ago,” he smiles.

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“I have always believed in diverting our youth away from bad habits such as drugs and alcohol. I’d rather they spend money on something positive and healthy. So I accept whatever they can pay me.

“The gym and equipment, the weights and the machines, are at their disposal under my supervision, but the food I tell them to arrange themselves.

I am not a rich man. Honestly, had I been rich, I would have also arranged for a healthy diet for my students, but that I am unable to do so at this point. I wish I had some good sponsors,” he says.

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