Priyanka Chopra accused of favoring nuclear war between India and Pakistan

People are accusing Priyanka Chopra of favoring nuclear war between India and Pakistan due to her comments on Indo-Pak confrontation. An audience member confronted the Indian actor at the conference. The woman, who revealed herself on Twitter as Ayesha Malik,  during the Q&A segment, accused Priyanka Chopra to be a hypocrite. Ayesha called Priyanka a hypocrite by referring to a tweet of Indian actress which she made in February. The Indian actress tweeted a post saying “Ja Hind”. And this tweet was a comment on the confrontation between India and Pakistan going on in February 2019. Moreover, Ayesha Malik continued by saying that despite being an Ambassador for peace and you are encouraging nuclear war against Pakistan, in which no side will win.

priyanka chopra at beauty conference

Both states are nuclear and any war between them would be drastic.  And people are accusing that as a UNICEF ambassador, the actress should not encourage nuclear war between both states. But rather she should promote peace and goodwill. The actress responded with saying that I am not fond of war but I am patriotic. Since then, Prianka Chopra is facing criticism from Pakistani fans, actors and even politicians. Today, Pakistan’s federal minister of human rights, Shireen Mazari, also said that UN should remove Priyanka as a UN goodwill peace ambassador.


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