UNSC to hold a session on Kashmir issue after 50 years

China has called a UNSC’ consultative meeting to discuss the ongoing situation in Kashmir. UNSC is to hold a session on Kashmir issue after 50 years on Friday, 16 August.  Moreover, This meeting will be a closed-door meeting. Briefings on the situation will be given and then the Security Council will decide how to proceed further on the issue.

UNSC session on Kashmir issue

The UNSC resolutions uphold the Kashmiri people’s right to self-determination while the UN charter guarantees their basic human rights. Therefore, the UNSC Secretary-General also wants to solve this issue in accordance with its charter and resolutions. Furthermore, Pakistan urged the international community and particularly the UN to take action on the prevailing situation in Kashmir. As India has revoked its article 370 and violating Human rights in the Jammu Kashmir. Therefore, UNSC will hold a consultative meeting today to decide how the Kashmir issue should be resolved.

Source: dawn.com

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