Android 12 is here with Material You – Google I/O 2021.

Google’s I/O developer conference kicked off last night where the search engine giant gave us our first look at the beta version of Android 12. The beta build confirms the recent leak from Jon Prosser, a major UI redesign for Android 12.

Google is totally changing the appearance of Android with the most recent rendition, which is “another approach to consider configuration”, called Material You. The fundamental subject of this new plan is personalization, where the principle center is progressively changing topics dependent on your backdrop.

Once you apply a wallpaper, Android will automatically determine which colors are more dominant and will apply these colors across the entire OS. This includes the notification shade, the lock screen, the widgets, volume control, and so on.

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There will be smooth animations throughout the OS to give a sense of fluidity and dynamism. It is going to be more efficient as well with 22% less CPU time usage for system services and a 15% reduction in CPU core usage.

The quick settings, notifications, lock screen, volume and power settings, and many others have been “reimagined” too. Notifications from different apps can now be grouped together for easier access and the notification shade is  “more intuitive and playful”, with a “crisp” view of each notification.

Android 12 will also bring a new privacy dashboard that will list all the permissions given to each app on your phone. It will also show which data and how much data each app is accessing and you can easily revoke these permissions from this dashboard.

A small indicator at the top right corner of your screen will show if apps are using your microphone and camera. You can quickly remove any app’s access to these sensors at any time from a new toggle in quick settings.

Further, you can also share your approximate location instead of your precise location for apps that don’t need to pinpoint your exact location. The weather app, for instance, can suffice by just knowing your city.

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