Maryam Arif 16 years old girl published 8 books and two podcasts.

“16 years old Pakistani with 8 books published and 2 Podcasts”

Meet Maryam Arif, who by the age of 16 became Pakistan’s youngest author with eight published books and two running podcasts with a huge international audience.

Maryam’s books include 3 self help books, blogging, copywriting guides, children books, a novel of 50,000+ words.

Apart from the eight books She has also published coloring books specially designed for adults and one for children.

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She had her first book published when she was 14 and soon afterwards she wrote 7 books in one year at the age of 15.

Becoming one of the Youngest Pakistani to have 8 books under her name. Maryam is also a Goodreads verified author.

She hosts 2 Podcasts; New trends and Live Biology and is also one of the youngest Pakistani Podcaster to have an international audience on both her platforms.

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