PCB gives roadmap to Sharjeel Khan for his re-entry into competitive cricket

On Monday, PCB met with Sharjeel Khan and agreed with him for his re-entry into competitive cricket. Moreover, PCB says that Sharjeel Khan will complete rehabilitation designed by the board’s Security and Anti-Corruption Department. And then he will again enter into top-level cricket. Rehabilitation requires him to be attending and delivering lectures on the PCB Anti-Corruption Code, visits to orphanages as part of social service. And participating in integration sessions with the Pakistan cricket team players and player support personnel.

Sharjel khan re-entry


Previously, Sharjeel Khan has undergone an ineligibility period of two-and-a-half-years for breaching provisions of the PCB’s Anti-Corruption Conduct. Sharjeel Khan says that he is returning to club cricket soon. But would not rush into domestic cricket. Because he requires time to reclaim fitness and form.


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