Canada refuses visas to former Indian military officers

Canada refuses visas to former Indian military officers due to their violent actions. Canadian Visa officers in India recently rejected visa applications of several Indian men in uniform. Because of their prior military services and violent actions. Moreover,  According to an Indian news channel,  two retired Lieutenant Generals, three Brigadiers and two senior officials of the Intelligence Bureau are denied visas.  Because of their organization’s engagement in violence.

canada refuses visa

Furthermore, Ameet Singh,  former director-general military operations and former quartermaster General, wrote a letter to the Indian Defence Ministry. He writes the letter to condemn the restriction imposed on him. He writes that Civil society and the international community are well informed about operations in Jammu and Kashmir. And it is urgent submission that the government take a strong exception to this situation and take up the matter at the appropriate levels.. Sources say the Canadian High Commissioner  refused the visa for his services as a sector commander in Jammu and Kashmir. Ultimately contributing to the Indian atrocities in the disputed region.


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