Vaping affects blood vessels

Vaping affects blood vessels negatively and causes health problems. Vaping affects blood vessel function after just a few puffs of an electronic cigarette. And it affects blood vessels even without nicotine. Moreover, according to the research of Philadelphia, Vaping is not risk-free. Previously, a study found that vaping nicotine-free e-cigarettes increased signs of inflammation and a form of tissue damage known as oxidative stress, which returned to normal levels in one to three hours.

vaping affects health

Source: mayo clinic news network

Big US tobacco companies are all developing e-cigarettes. The battery-powered devices f turns liquid nicotine and flavourings into a cloud of vapour that users inhale. Vaping impairs vascular reactivity which is the ability of healthy blood vessels to widen when necessary. Although, these changes are temporary, if repeated over a long period of time could cause inflammation and deterioration of blood vessel health.


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