Criminalizing mentally ill people is morally wrong

The organization Black Lives matter is trying to stop the criminalization of mentally ill people. Loss Angeles county is building mental health cells. These cells are for the treatment of mentally ill people. 56% of state prisoners have mental health problems.  Loss Angeles county is going to transform a men’s jail into a mental health treatment facility. But many citizens believe that this step is morally wrong. As people with mental health issues need good care at an early stage. Moreover, the co-founder of Black Lives matter said that these cells are not meant for mentally unwell people. Rather, Good care of these mentally unwell people is necessary.

Men's jail in Loss Angeles which is going to be mental treatment facility

These mental health treatment jails provide poor treatment to mentally ill people. Therefore, mental illness increases in these cells. Moreover, different NGOs and citizens are expressing their concerns over this step of Loss Angeles county.

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