July 2019 was the hottest month of planet on record

July 2019 was the hottest month of the planet on record. The climate change is breaking all records of temperature in 2019. Moreover, according to scientists, the negative impacts of climate change will continue to affect us. Until the world continues to emit greenhouse gases at the current rates. Furthermore, this July was 1.71 degrees F (.95 degrees Celsius) warmer than the average of 56.9 degrees F. This climate change is increasing year by year. And with each passing year, the temperature of the world is becoming warmer.

increase in temprature

The climate change also has negative impacts on health as well. Different diseases and bacterias, unknown until now, will also affect humans. The last hottest month was in 2016. Different areas across the world experienced record-breaking temperatures. Different countries such as  France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, and Luxembourg also experienced the hottest days in their history.  The increase in temperature is felt across the world.

Source: time.com

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