Dengue surfaces in Karachi

Dengue Surfaces in Karachi again. Karachi faced almost 186 dengue cases in the last 20 days.  According to the Prevention and Control Programme for Dengue (PCPD), at least six people have been killed by dengue this year. Moreover, dengue cases are surfacing in Karachi after heavy rains.  PCPD had started fumigation in high-risk areas to prevent citizens from catching the disease. Due to heavy rains in the city, the disease is increasing. The city needs more precautions and measures.

dengue cases


Moreover, The increased dengue cases are causing concerns in citizens regarding their health. PCPD reports that at least 81 more dengue fever cases are detected in the Sindh province in a week and  80 out of them were reported in Karachi only one case is reported in another district.


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