People who do alternate fasting may lose more weight

A study suggests that People who do alternate fasting may lose more weight. The study observes 60 people. Those people in the four-week study were not overweight. Researchers randomly assigned them to either stick to their usual eating habits or switch to alternate-day fasting. Moreover, alternate day fasting includes 12 hours of unrestricted food followed by 36 hours of no food.

people who do alternate fasting will lose mre weight

With alternate-day fasting, people lost an average of 3.5 kilograms. Whereas without this diet they lose of 0.2 kilograms.  But long term effects of this diet are not known. Although, they didn’t find any meaningful negative side effects. After 4 weeks of alternate-day fasting, people had more lean muscle and less body fat, lower cholesterol levels and improved heart health.  All these things happen with a wide variety of exercise and nutrition programs.


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