Radio Pakistan website hacked

On Sunday, The Radio Pakistan website got hacked briefly. Radio Pakistan restored their site after a short time. Radio Pakistan website is the national state broadcaster. Moreover, a  message on the website appears after hacking. The message reads that, Hello Admin. You are very secure. Appreciate your security. We got an eye on you. Expect us. Pakistan zindabad. This message reveals the hacking of the site.  Moreover, the message reveals that ‘CrashRulers hacked the site.

Radio Pakistan website  hacked

A twitter account @TheCrashRulers also announce the hack on twitter through a tweet. The twitter account also claims different hacks in the past months. Furthermore, some of these claims include the hacking of different government accounts. They also claim to hack other important accounts also. But these claims are not verified.  However, this hacking concerns different site holders also.


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