North Korea refused further talks with South Korea and launched missiles

On Friday, North Korea launched two missiles that landed in waters off its east coast. These missiles tests are sixth such tests of North Korea in a month. Moreover, North Korea also refused to engage in further talks with South Korea on the same day. This refusal of North Korea came after the South Korean president’s speech on Thursday. In that speech, the South Korean president vowed reunification of the Korean peninsula by 2045. But North Korea considered this promise as a provocation.

north korea tests missiles

In response, North Korea called off talks and asserted that it was completely the fault of South Korea’s actions. Moreover, North Korea clearly asserted that it has nothing to talk any more with South Korea nor it has any idea to sit with them again. The White House said it was aware of the launches. Even after previously conducted missile tests, US president said that these tests are under control and are very standard. Furthermore, North Korea condemns the recently held joint military exercises of US-South Korea. And considers it as a rehearsal of an invasion.

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