Hamza Ali Abbassi to tie the knot with Naimal Khawar

Hamza Ali Abbassi to tie the knot with Naimal Khawar on 25th August 2019. The social media was flooded with an invitation card mentioning the names of the two actors and the date they are expected to get married on. Naimal Khawar is an actress. And got fame from TV serial “Anaa”. Moreover, The Valima reception is  on Monday, 26th August.  Hamza Ali Abbassi confirmed this news in a post.  The actor says that both actors are friends fo two years.

Hamza ali abbassi to marry

Moreover, The actor says that he took the decision of marriage after performing Hajj. Hamza Ali Abbassi performed hajj this year.  Furthermore, The actor also requests his fans to pray for them. The wedding news of both actors aghast social media. People are expressing their surprise. Moreover, people are blessing the couple as well.

hamza ali abbassi post

Source: Twitter account of Hamza Ali Abbassi

Souce: Thenews.com

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