Waqar Zaka Want to Pay Pakistan’s Debts and take PM’s Place.

Waqar Zaka ran a partially successful campaign to urge PM Imran to legalize Crypto. He had also initiated a parallel Twitter hashtag campaign to urge PM Imran to meet him to convince him to legalize crypto, but all went in vain. Neither did Imran Khan meet him, nor did Crypto get legalized.

However, Waqar Zaka doesn’t seem ready to call it a day as of yet. Waqar Zaka just repeated a claim he had made at least twice before –  “Investing in Bitcoin can pay off Pakistan’s debt.”  The third time is a charm, isn’t it?

Pakistan’s debt is Rs 44.9 Trillion and he is claiming to get Pakistan out of this debt with crypto investment.

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To support his idea in the past, he had said that a Bitcoin could be manufactured over here for $4,000 and sold by the government for as much as $13,000. But, at the risk of offending the cryptocurrency stalwart whose passion for rendering information related to valuable Bitcoin “Signals” for $10/month knows no bounds, we would like to break the bubble and point out how the entire idea that Bitcoin investments can service Pakistan’s debt is flawed to the core.

Is it yet another publicity stunt by the famed crypto miner, or is Waqar really capable of making Pakistan free of its Rs. 44.9 trillion debt? 

 In any case, it does seem to be working. Within hours of Waqar’s tweet, #WaqarZaka became a top trend on Twitter. Facebook, too is lit with raging debates on whether Waqar Zaka can DO IT.

Written by: Fatima Majeed

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