Nikkah Registration Process to be digitalized in Punjab soon.

The Punjab government has decided to digitize the nikkah registration system in the province to eliminate fake marriage certificates and discourage registration based on fake witnesses, a spokesperson said.

Under the new computerized registration system, marriage registers across the province will be phased out and a tablet will be introduced instead which will be linked to the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA).

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All marriage registrars and registered imams will be trained to use the tabs.

The marriage fee will be credited to the relevant account of the local government department from the marriage registrar’s SIM.

The ID cards and thumbprints of the witnesses will also be scanned. If ID card scanning and thumbprints match, only then will the witness’s testimony be admissible?

The registrar will also take a photo of the groom at the time of nikkah and submit it to Nadra. If the groom is a fugitive or nominated in a criminal case, he will be arrested immediately as the tab will produce the image linked with Nadra’s database.

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