Cricketer Muhammad Shahzad’s contract suspended by ACB

Afghanistan Cricket Board(ACB) has suspended Muhammad Shahzad’s contract for an indefinite period. The ACB said that Muhammad Shahzad violated its code of conduct.  As the board’s policy demands players to take its permission before travelling out of the country. But Muhammad Shahzad hasn’t obliged that policy. And he travelled out of the country without ACB permission. Moreover, the board asserted that the player repeated this violation many times.

Muhammad shahzad's contract is suspended by ACB for indefinite period

The wicketkeeper-batsman was involved in some other cases of discipline in the past as well. Previously as well, The player violated the ACB code of conduct. Due to which, the ACB discipline committee called the wicketkeeper-batsman regarding a disciplinary matter of world cup. The board can also impose some further sanctions on the player later this month.


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