Wasted labels used by Fashion graduate to make outfits

A graduate of fashion designing used wasted clothing labels to make designs. The wasted labels of clothes often remain useless. But a newly fashion graduate made wasted labels useful. Mariah Esa repurposed those wasted and useless labels and made outfits out of them. Moreover, she used wasted labels in the fast fashion industry.

The fashion graduate used 20,000 of these wasted clothing labels. And she made four outfits using those labels. Furthermore, Mariah said that these labels the industry was going to throw these wasted labels. But she made them useful.  Her creations were shown on the Graduate Fashion Week catwalk. And she got top position in The People’s Choice Award X Shein. Afterward, she expressed her gratitude saying that  I love to have the opportunity to express my designs. Also, she said that to make a difference in the world is also exciting.

Source: Newstimeglobal.com

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