US will not conduct business with Huawei

US President Donal Trump said on Friday that the US won’t conduct business with Huawei. This statement by Trump might increase the already tensed trade relations between the US and China.

Previously in May,US blacklisted Huawei and demanded its companies to get a license to conduct business with Huawei. Afterward, Trump banned Huawei from US communications networks. But somehow, Trump reportedly agreed to award licenses at a proper and useful time.

US to not conduct buisness with Huawei

However, Trump clearly stated that the US won’t do business with Huawei. US banned two Chinese companies which are ZTE and Huawei. The US has targeted and suspected Huawei for having internal ties with the Chinese government. And suspicions regarding the use of Huawei equipment to spy over other countries. But the company has always rejected these suspicions and concerns.


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