First ever Refrigerated sea water fish boat developed by Pakistan

Pakistan successfully achieved a landmark in fisheries sector by developing first-ever state of the art refrigerated sea water( RSW) fishing boat.

Recipient of international awards, US-based Pakistani origin belonging to Parachinar Engineer Dr Zahid Ayub in a his detailed presentation to Iftikhar Ali Malik, President SAARC Chamber here Sunday said,

“We have built it and after meeting all international standards and successful trials now put into operation at Karachi harbour”.

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Dr Zahir Ayub said under RSW system sea water is cooled to zero centigrade and fish is kept at that temperature until the arrival at harbour thus maintaining its freshness and hygienic condition.

He said this technique would benefit the poor fishermen in Pakistan and also change their socioeconomic condition by exporting fish besides boosting the fisheries sector because now fish will not be spoiled at all thus curtailing their losses to zero.

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