Javeria Abbasi described how her former Husband is also her Step Brother.

Veteran actor Javeria Abbasi has always been rather vocal about her marriage to and then divorce from Shamoon Abbasi. Now, in an appearance at a local talk show, Javeria shed light on other aspects of her life, especially how Shamoon is also her step-brother.

While talking about how Javeria began her career, Nida inquired whether she was married by then, to which the actor said she had just gotten engaged to Shamoon.

The host then revealed how their lives were made into a drama serial as well. Hum Tum starred Atiqa Odho, Sajid Hassan, Aamina Sheikh and Mohib Mirza.

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“Javeria’s mother and Shamoon’s father got married. Javeria and Shamoon were step-siblings,” Nida explained as the Taana Baana star nodded. “People get really confused with this story,” Javeria commented,

Adding, “So I don’t want to create any confusion. The rest of our siblings were from our mother and father. That’s why people get really confused whether Anoushey Abbasi is my sister or Shamoon’s. She’s both of our sister.”

Here, Nida quipped, “So take your mind out of the gutter. Javeria had already come clean about how she tied the knot with Shamoon. He was the first guy she ever saw.”

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