Samsung Released Vacuum Cleaner Powered by AI.

Samsung Electronics has released an AI robot vacuum cleaner with stronger object recognition and operating performance based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

According to Samsung Electronics, the BESPOke Jet Bot AI recognizes the largest number of objects in Korea as it pre-learned more than one million images based on deep learning.

It can recognize not only various household appliances and furniture such as air conditioners, TVs, and sofas but obstacles that were difficult for robot cleaners to recognize such as socks, wires, and pets’ waste.

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The BESPOke Jet Bot AI is the industry’s first product featuring active stereo cameras with 3D image sensors. The stereo vision cameras allow it to detect all obstacles which are larger than one cubic centimeter.

The BESPOke Jet Bot AI can also detect surrounding topographical features up to one meter away and 60 degrees left and right in three dimensions. Accordingly it can understand the structure of a house quickly and accurately and create a drawing.

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