Jazz users got angry by Automatic Balance Deduction from Account.

According to the sources, users of Mobilink/ Warid are exasperated due to the automatic balance deduction. Jazz is a mobile operator that is known for its name; however, now an issue regarding the balance deduction for prepaid users is notified by many individuals.

The list regarding the unsubscribing of various services on sim that are the cause of balance deduction, were asked by the company. However, users in order to save themselves from this automatic withdrawal of balance from the account needs to unsubscribe those services but this has made the users even more confused as which service to unsubscribe.

Jazz provides a range of prepaid as well as postpaid voice and data telecommunication services to both like individual and corporate subscribers.

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The individuals have highlighted this issue on many social media platforms that has gained the attention of many other network users also regarding the same issue.

Consumers are waiting for the brand to get this issue resolved as soon as possible because in comparison to the other telecom networks, Jazz has the fastest speed of 4G internet, yet with a drawback of high charges per call, SMS or for using internet; however, users do not want to switch their accounts on other network services significantly due to their brand loyalty with Jazz.

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