Young Stunners and Atif Aslam Ruling the charts on Spotify

Spotify, the global music app, officially made its way to Pakistan last month. It offers a strong library of Pakistani music among some 70 million songs available to people. Having spent its first official month in Pakistan, several statistics have emerged.

Predominately and unpredictably so, Atif Aslam emerged as the most streamed artist in the month. Similarly, ‘Gumaan’ by Young Stunners was the most streamed song in the month.

Other statistics have been released by Spotify as well. Three out of five songs streamed belong to Young Stunners, making them one of the hottest acts around.

Asim Azhar perched himself in the third spot after Atif and Young Stunners as the most streamed artist. The late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is fourth on the list while nephew Rahat Fateh Ali Khan takes the fifth spot.

Among five top streaming cities, Lahore takes first position followed by Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Faisalabad respectively.

As for the top 5 tracks, they include Young Stunners (‘Gumaan’), Asim Azhar and Zenab Fatimah Sultan (‘Ghalat Fehmi’ from Superstar), Rap Demon and Young Stunners (‘Don’t Mind’), Atif Aslam (‘Kadi Te Hans Bol’ from Velo Sound Station) and KR$NA and Young Stunners (‘Quarantine’) respectively.

What’s obvious is that Young Stunners are definitely making a mark on music listeners at large. It’s about time that people take note of this hip-hop act.

What kind of payment structure Spotify will offer to local artists remains to be seen but we hope they are paid as per their streaming data.

Roots release ‘Daira-e-Ufuq
along with a music video

Rutaba Yaqub, who fronts the music group Roots, has shown her talent as a vocalist time and again. From appearing on Pepsi Battle of the Bands to her solo EP titled Shit I’ll Never Finish, Rutaba continues to push the envelope as an artist. Her delivery of Roots’ new song is nearly flawless.

The electro-synth band stays true to its ideas of electro synth while delving deeper into creating a sonic landscape that is both innovative and carries a hint of the band’s signature.

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The combined result is an edgy song that is a far cry from run of the mill pop songs; the ingenious music video shows a deliberate move by Roots to engineer a memorable one in a sea of music videos and singles releasing regularly.

Roots are an excellent, underrated band with Rutaba Yaqub offering unique potential as singer-songwriter. This song is a glimpse of that fearless effort and potential.

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