From a small Kiryana Store to Pakistan’s Largest Supertore chain – Imtiaz Super Market

Imtiaz is a well-known retail giant storming in business with massive sales and a customer base, backed with 7000+ employees and 400K+ loyal customers across Pakistan. The success story of this company dates back to 1955, and since then, never-ending hard work empowered it to gain the title of the fastest-growing retail chain in Pakistan.

Mr. Imtiaz Hussain Abbasi, created this historic story motivating individuals to dream big, setting a practical example of business growth. Today it stands with 11 branches and is soon to add 10 more to its ever-growing chain. Imtiaz has always managed to improve the way it operates considering customer’s ever-changing shopping needs.

Imtiaz Abbasi, founder Imtiaz supermart narrating, “Our story began in 1955. My father opened a kiryana store which was tucked away in an obscure lane in Bahadurabad. In 1978, I made a trip to Singapore and I came across the Al-Mustafa Store, which was one of the largest retail chains there; I was so impressed with their business model that I decided to replicate it for Imtiaz. On my return, we began adding more product categories to our existing assortment and thanks to the favorable customer response, after a few years, we bought the adjoining shops to expand the set-up”

Lack of government support and the absence of an enabling business environment are the greatest challenges that have prevented the sector to grow to the extent it should have. However, the retail growth experienced in the last few years will continue because Pakistan has a huge, untapped retail market. What is more is that the burst of activity in retail has triggered increased production in the manufacturing sector because more retail spaces require more products to fill them. This has boosted employment and the purchasing power of people.

Imtiaz amongst its upcoming projects is also soon to launch multiple branches in the Punjab region.

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