Fashion houses and G7 are joined to make sustainable clothes

Fashion houses and G7 arejoined to make sustainable clothes. The climate change crisis pushes retailers to reduce their negative impact on the environment. This year,  More than 20 fashion retailers and brands, including the owner of Gucci, Kering, H&M, and  Inditex, will join G7 leaders. This association will be for a key fashion moment. And will help to fight the climate crisis and protect biodiversity and the oceans.

G7 and fashion houses joined hands to make sustainable clothes

Young people criticize the global fashion industry. As it contributes to climate change more than the aeronautical and shipping industries combined. This environmental concern is forcing brands to accelerate sustainability plans. And to bring about change not only in stores but with the factories and suppliers they share around the world.  Inditex is the world’s third-largest apparel company. Last month announced to make it’scollection from 100% sustainable fabrics before 2025.

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