Kit Harington found somethings horrific on game of thrones

Kit Harington revealed that he found somethings very horrific in the game of thrones. The actor is famous for his leading role in tv show Game of thrones. Furthermore, Harington is nominated for Best Actor at this year’s Emmy Awards. The actor played Jon Snow in the show revealed that there were plenty of things he found “horrific” on the show. Most importantly filming the dragon sequences. Moreover, the actor adds that Emilia Clarke had been moaning about it for seasons. But the actor didn’t take it that much serious.

kit harinton filming dragon scenes

But she was absolutely right. It was horrific. It is very uncomfortable as a man. Harrington also said he hated filming the final season’s big battle episode. But he added that he has a different perspective looking back on it. Moreover, the actor added that as tough as it was, it was Thrones, man. It was Thrones! It was everything Thrones should have been. It’s a full set built, hundreds of extras throwing everything they had into it, all of us as a big ensemble cast, I loved it.


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